Friday, 10 April 2015

Educator (or Traveller or Photographer) ?

"Teacher, teacher...."

Like all little girls at one point or another, I imagined myself as a teacher. Marking books, creating fun things to do in class. All based on whatever age I was at the time, my inspiration was my current teacher - Miss B in 1st Grade; Mrs H in Kindergarten; Mrs T or Mrs M in 2nd or 3rd Grades.
It wasn't until I was out of high school, and taking a year off before heading to University that I ventured into the education realm, with a job at a Kumon Maths and English Centre. Generally the kids work independently on whatever section or concept they are at, having been through the concept with one of the assistant supervisors (my role) or the supervisor of the centre. I was able work with a large of kids of different ages, at different stages of the program. It was here that my passion for guiding and coaching kids in the right direction and watching them build connections with concepts was sparked.
I starting tutoring high school kids in Science and Maths during my university years and the spark became a flame that on occasion almost went out. It was only once I had started my postgraduate degree that I realised that my one of passions wasn't in pure academics and science, which I loved, but in the guidance and coaching of children to create their own knowledge; to stimulate the building and connecting of thoughts and ideas.

Just over eight years later, after finishing my postgraduate Honours degree & a one year Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, I'm in my 7th year of full time teaching high school.

I wish I could say with no guilt, that I've never looked back - but in all honesty I can't. There are days when I question whether I'm in the correct field; whether I've given all that I can give and need to move on; whether I've dealt with so much stress and frustrating situations that I'm mentally and/or emotionally exhausted or incapable anymore. BUT! a student will say something that indicates that I've impacted their life more than I thought; will do something that shows that what I've said or shown is being used in their own lives; or will simply say "You've changed my life" "I get this because of you" "I trust you with this"

It's those scenarios or words that I know that I'm in the right place, doing the right thing and changing students/kids/peoples lives.

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