Friday, 24 April 2015

Educator or Traveller or Photographer?

In the last 7 years, all three descriptions of what I do and love so much have just molded and gelled so well with one another.

I've taken my photography skills up a notch with the constant exercise and experimenting on the sports field, in portraits, during school plays, awards ceremonies and just all around interaction with the students. I've taken what I've learnt and shared it with students who are interested in photography. And taken what they have taught me to use in my photography. My love of travel photography has increased too. And I'm always looking at new ways to take photographs on the next trip or the next time I'm out of the city, or even wandering around the city.

I've always believed that travelling is a vital form of education. Education about the world and education about yourself. So with every trip I take, I learn something about myself, who I want to be, and with whom I want to spend my time. You learn to be more flexible in most situations, but more refined and perhaps a little restrictive in some decisions to be more focused on what is really important. Everything I've learnt from travelling, I've transfered to my "normal" life and how I handle situations at work.

My job has allowed me to travel more. Yes we get longer holidays than the corporate world, but we earn it! All the long hours and weekends that exhaust and drain us, are predominantly made up for in the weeks we have off. There are weeks we spend preparing for the next term and the next education challenge. But there are weeks we can just do "nothing" and it's in those weeks that I escape!
I keep myself sane with pictures from my travels on the cupboard and walls immediately around my desk. While I've taken a number of skills that I've learnt while travelling and applied them in my working world, I've also taken a number of those skills and tried (sometimes unsuccessfully) to impart and share them with my students in relevant lessons and classroom situations.
I believe that a teacher should be a guide, someone the student can build upon to reach that much higher, that much further in their life. And thus, everything I learn, I can possibly pass onto my students.

Education is a journey, thus at the heart, every educator or student is some sort of traveller.

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