Friday, 3 April 2015

The start of something new - a little background, and the way forward.

I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. My paternal grandmother was always taking photographs and as a result so was my dad.
It was through that exposure that I became part of the family tradition of photographers.
I remember getting my first camera for my 7th birthday from one of the boys in my 1st Grade class. It was a red 110 film camera, which I proceeded to take photographs of my friends and boys that seemed to be grabbing my attention. The framing and composition of the photos were hideous.

It wasn't until the year after high school while on a trip with my dad at a conference in Sydney, Australia that I got a camera that technically became mine. Prior to that, I had used my father's cameras on occasion.

Finally, in the early summer (November in the South Hemisphere) of 2006, after months of research and going into the store to look at and test drive the camera, that I bought a digital camera. A compact. Panasonic Lumix TZ1. It had a 10x optical zoom, which was my goal, to get the best megapixels and highest optical zoom. The reason I bought that camera overseas trip in December of 2007.....and I wanted time to get to know my camera before travelling.

I took some of my favourite photographs with that camera on that trip. One of which is the background to this page. The most beautiful roses with the dainty and yet dangerous ice crystals on a background of stones, sitting next to the Execution Trench at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp outside of Berlin. The complete contrasts of colours, textures and emotions still captures my mind nearly 8 years later.
Execution Trench, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

In 2009, I started teaching at a high school and my love for photography continued to develop and I ventured into the world of DSLR cameras with Canon 1000D. The world of sports photography was opened to me. For the next almost 5 years, I photographed kids on the sports field, on the stage, at awards ceremonies and just messing around on the school fields. With the years, came kids who were also interested in photography, and thus began an unofficial photography club that is slowly growing.

Glacier Bay, Alaska
Yukon Territory, Canada

Sea Point, Cape Town

North Dakota somewhere, Empire Builder train route

Rugby game against local rivals.
School making a tunnel for the 1st Team Rugby

When a friend and colleague asked me to photograph his wedding, I had a bit of a freak out. Really?? You want me to record the most important day of your life thus far? What if I mess it up? What if I get it all wrong? And this was around the time I was looking at upgrading my camera to a Canon 70D.
Thankfully, I had a member of the photography club that I could see whose photographs and mine are from different points of view, but the thinking and thought processes are similar, and I know that he will surpass me in his photography, so would be a great help on the day.
So with a new camera, which I had spent a few months getting to know, and an "old" camera and a student assistant, we photographed the wedding. I know we got some amazing photographs, but I also know that I would change a few things in the future - like the timing of the afternoon. Things we had planned to do, didn't happen, like the dress took longer to put on that thought so we missed some photos planned.

After the wedding in April 2014, I headed to Ireland to visit the motherland, so to say. And more travel photography.

This year, I'm starting this blog, as my start of something new. With it, comes two overseas trips, which will see me fulfilling a few of my "things to do before I die" dreams....San Francisco and catch a cable car, walk the Golden Gate Bridge, wander Alcatraz, visit the Blue Lagoon, hike a glacier and see the Northern Lights.

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