Friday, 1 May 2015


There are so many photography “guidance” websites out there (Light Stalking being one of my favourites), and one of the most common words of advice for any photographer, is to keep taking photographs; keep practicing; keep playing with different scenarios and settings.

Last week, I came across an invitation for a photo shoot, where the main requirement with a flash. All that was needed was a flash, as the client wanted to create a paparazzi effect at a local dinner/awards with an Oscar theme.

So I got two of the students at the school I teach at, who are part of the group of students that take photographs of the activities taking place at the school. And the three of us headed off to a local boutique hotel and joined 7 other photographers whose sole purpose is to create flashes of the paparazzi. But a good opportunity to practice non-stationary portrait photography (is non-stationary portrait a category? Either way is was good practice)

Getting all set up.
That evening a small number of the same group of photographers (the kids from the school) had organised to go to the top of Northcliff Hill EcoPark, next to the watertower to photograph the sunset and the lights coming on across the city.

I believe every photographer has a more preferred category/categories of photography. I know that I enjoy landscape, skyscape and seascape photography. So this evening at the top of the hill was a great way to play with more settings and increasing my ability to photograph landscapes & skyscapes.

Playing with White Balance

Longer exposure

It was a great evening to play with leading lines, reflection of light and white balance. To just practice. But I must admit there were a few photographs that I'm pretty proud of.

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